Welcome traveller ! This page is related to the free Spaceflight Simulator Orbiter by Martin Schweiger.
Here you can find some tools and addons i made for this great program.
If you have any suggestions, comments, ideas or just want to talk, feel free to drop me a mail.
But now enough of the chatter and on to the interesting stuff. :)



a little toolset for exporting and importing Orbiters .msh file format from/to gmax and 3DSMax
current version is 1.3

Current Projects

(current development name)

This will be a single stage to orbit Spaceplane using Polywell Fusion Reactors. It is partially based on a proposal by Robert W. Bussard. I have posted a general concept on the orbiter forum and will continue to blog about the progress of the project there.



Addons (finished)

Shuttle-A Mk2 v1.01
(1.44 Mb)

Source Code
(438 kb)

This is a modification of the Shuttle-A that comes with the standard distribution of Orbiter.
I developed this together with Jógvan "C3PO" Trondesen.
The source code of this release is also available.

cargo slots are freely configurable

aux thrusters can be turned for main thrust direction

display for overspeed and hull temperature during atmospheric flight

here's what happens if you don't pay attention to your overspeed display :)

improved fuel management panel with valves to click

functional radar display



Canceled Addons

Unfortunately i have lost the source code for these addons and i don't plan to start all over. So all that is left of them are some fancy pictures. (I remember i have sent a development version of the Unity Fly to an interested Orbinaut once, but i forgot your name. Maybe if you read this and still have the .zip laying around you can send it to me. That would be much appreciated.)

Prometheus The Prometheus is a medium sized SciFi ship designed for interplanetary travel and still able to land on planetary surfaces. It will have fusion drives and a fuel scoop to pick up gas from the atmosphere of a planet, that can then be refined. The hydrogen and helium parts can be used directly for the fusion reaction while the other parts will be used as drive mass, accelerated by the fusion reaction.  

landed at cape canaveral

lifting off

gear retracting

rotating thrusters to main position

going for low earth orbit
UnityFly The UnityFly is an ultra SciFi ship using antigravity powered by an overunity (free energy) reactor. It is a small ship for 1-2 people but is great for interplanetary travel because it can accelerate continuously at app. 10 m/s^2.  
hovering over the pad at cape canaveral

go for the sun :)

approaching iss, docking port deployed

main panel with flight vector control


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